One of the best ways to reduce heat loss in your home is getting curtains installed. Double-layered curtains are very effective at reducing heat loss through windows and reducing energy bills. If you’re handy, you can purchase and hang your own curtains. Curtains and tracks can be purchased from local homeware stores. Make sure they are double-layered! There’s plenty of install guides on YouTube.

Wellington Curtain Bank

If you can not afford to buy quality curtains and have a Community Services Card you might be eligible for FREE curtains from Sustainability Trust's Wellington Curtain Bank – find out more here. They upcycle pre-loved curtains and provide them to low-income families and individuals in the Wellington Region.

“I am so thankful and grateful for the beautiful curtains. I really appreciate the help you have given my little family, and the work you continue to do to help families like myself in need! I can sleep better knowing my kids rooms are warm.”

Donate your curtains

The Wellington Curtain Bank upcycles preloved curtains and gives them to low-income families in the Wellington Region.

They desperately need donations of good quality, mould-free curtains to continue helping families in need. Can you help?

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