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Toast Electric

About us

Toast Electric is a not-for-profit electricity retailer powered by Sustainability Trust, servicing homes and small businesses in Wellington, Porirua, the Hutt Valley, Kāpiti and Horowhenua.

Our mission is to eliminate energy hardship, by providing fair and competitive pricing while also lowering household carbon emissions.

Our profits provide support for low-income households that are making the tough choice between heating and eating - for every three customers that join Toast Electric, we can help one more household in energy hardship.

We’re also offering free in-person Home Energy Checks with our qualified assessors, helping customers save money by using less energy and lowering their household carbon emissions.

Warm, healthy, happy homes

Lower costs, increased efficiency

Competitive and fair electricity costs are only the first step to a warm, dry, healthy, low-carbon home. Personalised in-home advice on how to use energy wisely, as well as making large and small energy efficiency upgrades will make that precious energy go further. This is why we are only offering service in our local area. We’re all about face-to-face communication and being there to support you when you need it.

To make sure the electricity you purchase benefits you, your home and the environment, Toast customers will be offered a free in-person Home Energy Check with one of Sustainability Trust’s qualified assessors. You’ll get information on how to book this assessment with your Welcome Pack after you’ve joined us.

You’ll get a personalised Home Energy Plan so you can save money by using less energy and living more sustainably. And, of course, you’ll have ongoing access to energy advice from the team of experts at Sustainability Trust.

Accessible power for all

Eliminating energy hardship

We know having enough energy isn’t always a given in every Wellington region home and some families are forced to make the tough choice between heating and eating. We aim to eliminate that through our Energy Wellbeing programme.

Through the programme, we’re able to use our profits to offer additional support for customers experiencing energy hardship. We provide this service to clients of partner budget advice agencies in the region who sign up to Toast Electric.

Our Energy Wellbeing programme includes:
  • an everyday electricity price that beats the price you are paying your current provider
  • a Toastie Winter Energy Price Cap which will give you peace of mind that your weekly electricity bills in June, July and August will be no higher than a set amount. This means you’ll be able to use the heat you need during winter without the bill shock you may otherwise face. The cap will be set at 10-25% lower than your average weekly bill from last year
  • a detailed Home Energy Check to see how your insulation, heating, ventilation, hotwater and other electrical appliances are working for you. We’ll also use info from this visit to help set your Winter Energy Price Cap
  • personalised advice on how to reduce your costs and get the best out of your home
  • some free stuff like draught snakes, window kits, LEDs, mould cleaning kits etc.
  • referrals to our insulation and heating government-supported programmes
  • advice or support to talk to your landlord about the condition of your property (if you’re renting)
  • ongoing information on ways to keep warm and healthy.

If you are interested in joining Toast Electric’s Energy Wellbeing programme and are not a client of a participating referral partner, drop us an email at hello@toastelectric.nz and we’ll let you know if we can help.

Joining Toast is easy

Signing up to Toast is so easy: you don’t even have to contact your current supplier – we’ll take care of it all.